Le Grand Playa Del Carmen Taco Tour

I went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in search of some tacos. I found them. I destroyed them. Now the iron throne is mine.

Big thanks to the Cafeteria Films for following me down the taco hole — Nelson Hernandez (@thisisnelson) for making movie magic and Carlos Dominicis for forcing me to say stuff to a camera while stuffing my face

Song is Jamie xx’s “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times),” featuring Young Thug and Popcaan

Peep my blog. I like eating things and living to tell the tale.

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Stuart Reinus dit :

your so cool…:)

Annabel Daza dit :

You’re so cool! I’m heading there in about a week! Any recommendations for vegetarians??? Lol.

petev23 dit :

Damn you for making me crave tacos.  I am originally from San Diego and used to go to TJ/Rosarito often for street tacos.

They simply are not the same here in San Francisco.

Jackson Iavaroni dit :

I like tacos too

Rafal Mikolajczyk dit :

I can’t wait I already make some notes from your video , thanks for tips where to eat good tacos , I was planning going there end of January 2017 for over a week All Yukatan , any recommendations for accommodations or cool hostels , cheers!

CAP dit :

Music is to loud

Monica dit :

I am SO excited for Playa Del Carmen! Please make more videos!! 🙂

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